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An Advanced 8th Grade U.S. History Web Lesson


When Americans think about the Civil War, they remember battles, leaders and the conflict between the North and South. However, the Civil War and warfare in general is not so simple. What about turning points which occurred on the homefront? What about critical events for which there were no famous protagonists? What are the consequences of conflict within a society ostensibly united in war against another society? We will explore these questions by exploring one of the most dramatic but often overlooked homefront phenomenons during the Civil War - rioting. Follow the directions and the links below to discover the impact of the New York Draft Riots and the Richmond Bread Riot.


WARM-UP (Rephrase the question within a complete answer)

How is a primary source informative yet inadequate for studying an event?


WEB ASSIGNMENT - Civil War Riots Analysis (Click on each link and subsequent directives)

I. The Richmond Bread Riot

II. The New York Draft Riots

III. Historical Impact of the Civil War Riots


Teacher Overview

By Brad Goldberg

8th Grade World Studies Teacher

Humanities and Communications Magnet Program

Eastern Middle School