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The New York Draft Riots

Read the summary, 3rd eyewitness account, 2 of the other 4 eyewitness accounts & answer the questions.



Rioters and the military exchange gunfire on First Avenue. Harper's Weekly, August 1, 1863.

A mob lynches an African-American on Clarkston Street. Harper's Weekly, August, 1, 1863.


Eyewitness Accounts

1. Anna Dickinson, an abolitionist

2. Colonel James B. Fry, Provost-Marshal-General stationed in New York City

3. An anonymous rioter

4. John Torrey, a Columbia professor

5. Ms. Perry, a housewife



II. The New York Draft Riots

A. List the 3 primary source authors that you read. Explain specifically how you would have interpreted each of your three primary sources less accurately if you had not also read the other two and the summary.

B. Incorporating information from the summary and primary sources that you read, write a 2-3 paragraph eyewitness account from the perspective of an African American, a police officer, a firefighter, mayor of New York city or a soldier returning from Gettysburg.


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Historical Impact