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Teacher Overview:

Civil War Riots Lesson Expectations 


MARYLAND LEARNING OUTCOMES (Students will be able to...)

Interpret, evaluate, and organize primary and secondary sources of information (MLO 1.3)

Analyze key events and turning points of the Civil War and compare and contrast the goals, resources, and strategies of the North and South (MLO 2.7)

Analyze situations that illustrate conflicts between conscience and respect for authority. (MLO 6.3)


ENDURING UNDERSTANDINGS (Students will remember that...)

One's perception of an historical event depends on the amount and types of sources to which one is exposed.

Social conflict within a belligerent country can be just as or even more consequential than battles between that country and its enemy.

Riots, though they may be suppressed, are indicative of deep-seated social problems that will erupt again if not alleviated.


ESSENTIAL QUESTIONS (Students will contemplate the questions...)

How do we remember the past?

How does war impact social, economic and political systems?

What motivates people to resort to conflict?

What is a turning point in history?