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EMS Summer Reading

Animal and Adventure


Armstrong, Sperry

[ ] Call It Courage, IL 5-9

The story of a youth who overcomes his fear of the sea and proves his courage to himself and his tribe.

Byars, Betsy

[ ] Trouble River, IL 4-7

When he builds his raft, a twelve-year-old boy never dreams that it will serve as the sole means of escape for him and his grandmother when hostile Indians threaten their prairie cabin.

George, Jean Craighead*

[ ] Julie of the Wolves, IL 4-7

While running away from home and an unwanted marriage, a thirteen-year-old Eskimo girl becomes lost on the North Slope of Alaska and is befriended by a wolf pack.

Hesse, Karen*

[ ] Music of Dolphins, IL 5-9

Raised by a marine family of dolphins, a feral girl, reintroduced into human society, tells this thought-provoking tale.


London, Jack

[ ] Call of the Wild, IL 5-9

The story of the sled dog, Buck, who was mistreated by his master and broke free to roam the Alaskan wilderness.

Paterson, Katherine

[ ] Sign of the Chrysanthemum, IL 5-9

An adventure story about a boy's search for his father in the Japan of the Samurai era.

Paulsen, Gary*

[ ] Hatchet, IL 5-9

After a plane crash, 13-year-old Brian spends 54 days in the wilderness, learning to survive initially with only the aid of a hatchet given him by his mother, and learning also to survive his parent's divorce.

[ ] River, IL 7-12

Because of his success surviving alone in the wilderness for fifty-four days, fifteen-year-old Brian, profoundly changed by his time in the wild, is asked to undergo a similar experience to help scientists learn more about the psychology of survival. Sequel to Hatchet.

Animal and Adventure

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