1852 picture of miners in California.

Family Member Two: Settlement Links 

1860 picture of Central City, Colorado.



Swedish Emigration to America Synopsis of nineteenth century Swedish emigration from AmericanWest.com.
Swedish Immigration Summary of Swedish immigration to Minnesota from The University of Minnesota.
Three Centuries of Germans in America  Synopsis of the periods during which Germans came to America, where they settled and the ports through which they traveled from The United States Embassy in Germany.
Irish and German settlements 1880 maps of Irish and German settlements from The Library of Congress's American Memory Project.
Irish in Washington Summary of Irish settlement in Washington State from HistoryLink.org.
German Immigration to America Analysis of emigration from Germany to the United States from The Thinkquest Library. (If the link does not go directly to the webpage, cllick on "Immigration" icon.)
Scottish Lumberjacks Locations and activities of Scottish lumberjacks in the United States from The Highland Folk Museum.
Norwegian-Americans Write Home Sampling of letters to Norway to explain immigration history from Norwegian Emigrant Museum/National Library of Norway.
The Great Lakes Migration Trail Explanation of why and when communities developed around the Great Lakes from The Oswego County, N.Y. History Site.
Pioneer Life in Ohio Details about early-mid nineteenth century Ohio farm life from Pickaway County, Ohio Genealogy Web Project.
The History of the Upper Midwest Overview of nineteenth century Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota in which internal site links summarize particular topics from The Library of Congress's American Memory Project.
Illinois - The Prairie State Summary of why people settled in Illinois from Lee County, Illinois Historical Society.
1850 Pioneer Farm Details about Iowa prairie farm life as well as links to more specific farm routines in the website from Living History Farms.
The Farmers Synopsis of the farming lifestyle of western settlers after the Homestead Act from The Museum of Westward Expansion.
The Massachusetts Emigrant Aid Society Explanation of why abolitionists settled in Kansas as well as the particular areas identified for the best farming from The University of Virginia.
Land Development of the Field Club Area  Explanation about the impact of "claim clubs" and the Homestead Act on the settlement of Nebraska from Omaha, Nebraska's Field Club Historic District Website.
Utah Settlement and Exploration Summary of the Mormon migration settling in Utah and choosing Salt Lake City as its center from The Official Website of the State of Utah.
Why the Far Northwest? Explanation of why people moved to the Northwest frontier from The University of Washington.
Early settlers in Oregon Details about pioneer life in Oregon in the 1840s from Sweet Home City, Oregon Website.
Oregon: Land of Gold & Opportunity Explanation of the changes Oregon underwent as a result of the 1858 Gold Rush from Historical Gazette.
End of The Oregon Trail Overview of western migration in which internal site links provide specifics about the Oregon Trail, California Trail, other nearby trails, journey items and motivations for migrating from End of the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center.
Early California History Overview of 19th Century California in which internal site links summarize particular topics from The Library of Congress's American Memory Project.
Pioneer Life in California List of first-person narratives about pioneer life in California from The Library of Congress's American Memory Project.
California Gold Rush List of primary sources about California gold discoveries from The Library of Congress's American Memory Project.
Masculine Empire or Domestic? Contrast of the motivations/professions of western settlers after the Homestead Act from Woolongong University.
New Perspectives on the West Primary source documents, archived by eras, about western life from PBS's New Perspectives on the West.



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